21st Century Schizoid Music presents IAN MOSS and Capital M

Monday, July 26
Cornelia Street Cafe

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Set I: “The Acoustic”

Five Clarinet Preludes (1999)
Ken Thomson, clarinet

Piano Trio (2001)
Annaliesa Place, violin
Caitlin Sullivan, cello
Martha Locker, piano

Zuhahlter (1999)
Peter Hess, tenor saxophone
Martha Locker, piano

To Anny (1999)
Martha Locker, piano

Three Movements for Flute & Percussion (2004): Third Movement

Erin Lesser, alto flute
Greg Beyer, percussion

This Living Hand (2000)
We Kindle This Fire This Day (2004)

The Capital M Chorus
Amy Bartram, Judith Berkson, Jessica Luck, sopranos
Stacey Atwell-Keister, Dianne Chase, Hai-Ting Chinn, altos
Matthew Hensrud, Michael Klitsch, Eddie Rubeiz, tenors
Glenn Friedman, Bill Payne, Jose Torres-Cooban, George Wright, basses

– brief intermission –

NOTE: World premieres are in bold.

Set II: “The Electric”

Blackout (2004)

Reinventing the Wheel (2004)

Drum Cells (2002/3)

Peter Hess, clarinet/alto saxophone
Alex Weinstein, electric guitar
Adam Caine, electric guitar
Bradley Kemp, bass guitar
Greg Beyer, drums
Ian Moss, processed vocals

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